Author’s Message: – Reading about couples with disabilities who marry makes me happy because I get a rush of hope for many other such couples future.
These are a few great love stories about couples with disabilities I’ve been part of.
Varsha and Gurvail Singh: On the midsummer afternoon, a pleasant breeze blows across Fateh Sagar Lake. Clear Blue waters shimmer in the sun. Thirty-two-year-old Gurvail Singh soni sits on the wall that rings the lake, holding his wife Varsha’s hand.His black wheelchair folded neatly is parked next to him.They have been coming here for the last eight years, ever since they began dating.It was here she professed his love for him, here that they decided to marry secretly and here that she broke the news of her Pregnancy to him.” this place has a lot of memories,” says Gurvail Singh. In Udaipur, a city with white havelis, palaces, and forts, it is difficult not to fall in love.But Varsha and Gurvail Singh’s love story is unusual.”I First saw him at my elder brother’s tuition,” she says. Though crippled by polio since childhood, Gurvail Singh has never let disability come in the way of life. Till Class V, his relatives would drop him to school each day on a cycle. At the age of 11, his family gave him a self-operated wheelchair.
“That was independence,” Gurvail Singh says. In 2006, he began working as a private tutor and provided tuitions to small children’s, for the disabled and for those affected by polio free of cost. Varsha, who is 4 years younger, lives in Udaipur went to Gurvail Singh for his younger brother’s tuitions where she felled in Love with him. For the next week, Varsha tried to talk to Gurvail Singh, but his parents were always around. Finally after six months they spoke for the first time. “I would lie to my parents that I was going to see a friend or to the hospital for my check-up. We would meet at Fateh Sagar and talk. Other couples would take boat rides and go to Nehru Park (a small island in the middle of the lake). We could not, it was impossible with the wheelchair and calipers. But we were content to be with each other,” she says. This couples faced objections from their families. But they fought for their love and won. Now they have a beautiful Daughter and are living a peaceful life. “There have been many instances where we explained to the family that caste and physical disability does not matter, but they won’t understand” she says.



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