Thiruvananthapuram: Magician Gopinath Muthukad is set to launch a Universal Empowerment Centre (UEC) ) for disabled children. Emphasising on their holistic development, the centre offers multifaceted facilities as part of ushering in revolutionary changes in the differently abled sector.

“This centre also aims to give a better platform for the mothers of disabled children by preparing them for self-employment,” says Muthukad. UEC has been set up in a completely disabled-friendly manner on five acres at Kinfra Film and Video Park, Kazhakkoottam. It includes an integrated rehab centre, horticulture therapy centre, sports areas, research facility and performance venues for the children here. “We have eight departments to provide a complete treatment which addresses each and every aspect of a particular disability like psychotherapy or behaviour therapy centre, occupational therapy centre and physiotherapy centre. This is also the first time in Kerala that a ‘virtual reality’ therapy centre is being established to enhance the sensory improvement and imagination of disabled children,” says Dr Reema, rehab psychologist at the facility. The rehab centre works under the supervision of psychologists, speech therapists, linguistics, physiotherapists and other doctors. Additionally, parental awareness programmes and parental management training are also provided.

Joel Richard Williams , a native of Gibraltar, Spain, and head coach of Gokulam Kerala Academy, will lead the sports training for the children here. “Our dream is to send at least one child for the paralympics to be held next year. We are planning to gradually work towards establishing a university for disabled children,” added Muthukad.

The UEC which currently includes 200 disabled children is waiting to admit 100 more by next year. The centre will be open for inauguration in January 2023.

This article is originated on timesofindia

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