Necessity of marriage for persons with Disability

DISABILITY is a state of being unable to use a part of one’s body part properly. Disability is usually because of an injury or a disease. It restricts everyday activities of a person.

But Disability is not just a health problem. It is also a social issue which involves interaction between features of one’s body and features of a society in which he or she lives.

This interaction often brings lack of confidence and independence in individuals with Disability. They tend to develop a feeling in them that they cannot live fully. Such individuals suffer from many psychological problems along with Social Isolation, as a result of their limitation. In many cases they experience financial instability. Their potential remains underestimated by themselves.

But Disability is in the eyes of a Beholder. It is a matter of PERCEPTION. One needs to change his or her attitude.

We all have a Disability of some kind or the other. All of us are lacking in one way or the other. Then why should a Person with Disability suffer from self victimization, self pity, depression, frustration, complexes and so on, so on.

It’s biologically proved that one always compensates for Disabilities. Such individuals have one or the other special ability making them work D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T-L-Y.

One should not perceive the things as “Roses have Thorns” rather perceive them as “Thorns have Roses”.

One of the biggest and burning issue from which a Differently Abled person suffers is Isolation i.e. restricting themselves within their shell. They hesitate in sharing their feelings and avoid social gatherings. Above all, deciding to remain single and not getting married. For they feel they will be a burden on their spouse and will not be able to lead a Successful Life.

But Disability should not be a constraint in the way of successful marital life. Disability has nothing to do with the natural desires one tends to have. A person with Disability has the same Feelings, Aspirations and Expectations from life as any other. But such feelings remain unexpressed. Repression of these natural desires and feelings opens the door to several biological and psychological problems.

It is said one gets birth as a HUMAN BEING after passing through several cycles of birth and rebirth as different creatures. Then why not to enjoy such a beautiful life to its fullest.

Accept yourself the way you are. Provide proper manure to the seeds of your feelings, aspirations and expectations.

Marriage is an important and wonderful aspect in one’s life irrespective of any Disability. Having a partner and family marks the transition to Adulthood and constitute one to be recognized as “REAL” man or woman. So Disability of any kind should not cause one to dismiss the important decision of marriage.

Marriage provides social, economic and emotional benefits to partners. It marks the beginning of the family and a lifelong commitment that widens one’s horizon. Also, marriage brings a purpose of one’s existence on earth. It’s not just a Physical union but a SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL bond. The feeling of loving someone and being loved is important for one to lead a happy and confident life.

Marriage promotes ONENESS. Husband and wife are considered as two wheels of a CHARIOT of life. This chariot cannot move in the absence of any.

Comradeship in facing challenges, excitements, disappointment, rewards, surprises and uncertainties of life – all are shared happily together by the two partners under the powerful umbrella of Marriage. Let this umbrella not be blown away by the storm of Disability for Disability is Differently-Abled.

Nothing in the world is more challenging and exciting than Parenting. The joy of Parenting opens up the gates of higher purpose to one’s life, even for the Differently Abled. This makes you work for larger goal and receive more satisfaction. You do the noble work of helping a soul understand the world and learn how to live more happily and successfully.

Life seems to be more meaningful after marriage. Marriage proves as a social resource for Differently Abled individuals to cope up with loneliness and promotes Unconditioned Love. Unconditioned Love in turn brings a great deal of trust between the two partners.

Trust and Unconditioned Love are a gateway to happy marital life

Of course Disability may hamper one’s ability to earn. Financial assistance is provided by various states and social service organizations to give a jump start to the new family of such individuals. Also reservations are there in different jobs for these individuals. This brings financial stability to their family. Holding the hands and walking together makes life easy for them. It brings empowerment and confidence to cope-up with their disability.

So let the seed of marriage be nurtured by the showers of love and bear fruits of happiness. Together the JOURNEY OF LIFE becomes enjoyable and more meaningful.

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